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Narita 10142009-0017.jpgImagine PixelCraft is announcing our latest collection of images from the Far East. The “Images from Japan” galleries in both our Archive and our Store explores the Bamboo Forest near Narita in the Chiba prefecture. Narita is a small town situated roughly 80km East of Tokyo, and is the location of the Narita International Airport.

The area around Narita is a mixture of rural and urban areas with woodlands covering the low hills and rice paddies in the low lying ground.  Each of these paddies is small and irrigated by ancient canals.  The hills are covered with Japanese cedar, Cryptomeria Japonica.  This conifer, also known as sugi, is commonly cultivated as an ornamental in the southeastern US and other regions having relatively mild winters. It is a rapid-growing tree that can exceed 60 feet in height and is used for lumber in Japan.  Intermixed with the sugi are thick stands of bamboo. Bamboos are the fastest growing woody plants in the world. They spread through a unique rhizome-dependent system, but arehighly dependent on local soil and climate conditions. They are of economic and high cultural significance throughout East and South East Asia where they are used extensively in gardens, as a building material, and as a food source.

The mild climate allows a wide variety of plants and animals to flourish here. The wide variety of textures and colors make for great photographs.

These woods, forests, and rice paddies are well suited for a walk or run. There are many paths, roads and unique vistas to enjoy in the early morning as you take your exercise.


Check out all the images at the Imagine PixelCraft Store or for Rights-Managed and Personal Use downloads visit the Imagine PixelCraft | Ron Abel Photography Archive. Soon you will also find fine art watercolor and canvas oil paint editions of selected images available in the Archive.

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