The Quad Cities Marathon 2009

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Last weekend I was fortunate to be asked to photograph the finish line activity at a truly great sports event. The 12th Annual Quad Cities Marathon was an unqualified success. A USATF certified course and Boston Marathon qualifier, the marathon is held annually in September. The event covers 5 races, 4 cities, 3 bridges, 2 states, and 1 Island, all along the mighty Mississippi River.The 26.2 mile run starts and ends in downtown Moline, IL. Henry Kipsang and Buzunesh Deba placed first in the men’s and women’s divisions. It was perfect running weather and a great day all around.

With over 4,000 runners of all ages, the Quad Cities Marathon has something for everyone. From the fittest athletes and elite runners to the casual jogger, everone seemed to have a good time.

Quad Cities Marathon-20090927_IPC_QCM-125.jpg

More photos can be found at our Facebook Page and the complete collection can be found in our Archive or press the “View all Marathon Images” button below to search all Imagine PixelCraft images of the Quad Cities Marathon 2009.

More Quad Cities Marathon Images

Quad Cities Marathon-20090927_IPC_QCM-692.jpgQuad Cities Marathon-20090927_IPC_QCM-675.jpgQuad Cities Marathon-20090927_IPC_QCM-806.jpgQuad Cities Marathon-20090927-IMGL0786.jpg
Quad Cities Marathon ImagesQuad Cities Marathon ImagesQuad Cities Marathon ImagesQuad Cities Marathon ImagesQuad Cities Marathon ImagesQuad Cities Marathon Images

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