A Note from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

Viet Nam – Images by Ron Abel

The lunar New Year celebrations are about to begin throughout Asia. In Vietnam, traditional Tết festivities include calligraphy markets and flower festivals. To welcome the Year of the Tiger, more than 8,000 flowers and ornamental plants are on display from February 8-21 at the Ho Chi Minh City annual Flower Fair in Saigon’s Tao Dàn Park.

At this time of year Vietnamese people decorate their homes with bonsai and flower plants such as chrysanthemum (hoa cúc), marigold (vạn thọ) symbolizing longevity.

Before the fair, as the stalls were being set up and the plants were being organized, the morning sun brought the texture and colors of the flowers to life. These images capture the natural beauty that can be found while traveling throughout Asia.



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